someone tried to break in AGAIN

been trying to phone 101 non emergency  but nothing so i might be better going to Huddersfield police. at 5:45am this morning someone was messing with my front door. who ever it is stopped very fast hmmm they must of clicked on that there are 2 locks and I LIVE IN A UPSTAIRS FLAT you dumb pleb. this is NOT THE FIRST TIME and last month i had to change the sodding lock….. people of meltham try to keep safe and keep ya doors locked.

i’m thinking for getting a cam to put over my door outside but if housing say no i will just keep a camera on the stairs facing the door.

2 thoughts on “someone tried to break in AGAIN

  1. we think it won’t a break in but it was someone trying to scare me because it’s something what keeps happening but only to my flat.

    ) it always happens at the weekend or Monday morning when my son is not home,
    2) its always around 5am- 5:45am,
    3) we think its someone we know,

    i’m going to be putting up a cam to see if i can get them and alarm is getting put onto the door.

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