3 thoughts on “wtf dream (O_O)

  1. Some who study dreams from a Biblical stand point ( like Daniel did in the Old Testament ) would say:
    1. Dreams at night time represent an uncertain time frame.
    2. Dreams in color are from God.
    I am no expert at dreams but from what I have learned, it sounds like God is telling you something. Water or running water typically is washing something out of our life. If there was a flood of water, you have a lot to flush away from your life. God wants you to clean somethings out of your life and you may feel lost afterwards but God will help you. Trust him and ask him to help you through making tough decisions. Again, I am no expert at dreams. John Paul Jackson was gifted by God to help interpret dreams.
    Chin up. You are going on an adventure with God, if you so choose.

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