7 thoughts on “sad news

  1. i’m still in shock over it all.

    i thought i was going to take him for a walk this morning but when i got there and saw my sister worried and the way barney was i new he was going to see the big guy upstairs. even the vet said if we left him abit longer he would of passed away at home today. mum,dad and my son are in wales so i was with him till the end. like i said to my sister he is sleeping now and he be with his buddy sweep.

  2. It’s never easy, is it….?. So sorry for your loss. Hugs and my thoughts go out to you.Fifteen is a good life for a dog, and I’m sure you gave Barney the best of love and care while he was part of your family. You have that. Being a dog, you know he gave more than he got back. Good dog. RIP.

  3. Memories. Think of the fun and good times you had. It is hard because we love and get attached. But we can thank God for the joy and happiness he gave us with our pets. Rejoice over the good.

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