feeling crappy

last night was kind of hard for me. mostly on a Wednesday night i jump onto a bus and head up to see someone but last night i could not do that. i was kind of hoping he would be a man and pop up and say his side to my face but nope…i was home alone so ended up in bed by 8pm.

soon as i went to my mothers after work to pick my son’s night stuff up she asked me if  I’ve had a phone call or a visit but sadly nope and i don’t think i will sadly. i kind of feel like a used teddy what someone got bored of :(.


yer feeling dumb as pie

don’t it just suck when you feel like you did a dumb thing and you have let people down because of it…yer thats me today because i feel like i let my best mate down.

last night was so odd for me. i was on facebook and looking at the chat and i just kept thinking that a name was gonna pop up but nope because he was blocked (well not anymore). it sucks when you have been talking to someone for along time and then they are gone.

yep single again

yep im single again but not gonna say online why because i’m nice but will say i do not want to see his face again . that was the first time i was dumped for a stupid reason and being told they don’t want to wake up at 5am (>_<). 2months of happiness just gone with the click of a keybored on a phone and i feel used, a fool and a joke. thank god he never got to meet my boy who wanted to meet him.

just feel so pissed off right now its crazy.

fun night at work

a little boy called me the bad lady for trying to run him over with the the brush lol. hmm lets change that he tried to get hit by it but i went around. his mum said sorry but i said its ok i have a 5year old lol.

made the security guy laugh. i was walking around with a mop and he says don’t go hitting  people with that and i said don’t worry i’m having a good day lol.

around 7:50pm the fire alarm went off and no-one knows why.

so fun night :D.