bad crappy day

its just been one big mess.

i have learned in my life to sometimes its best to just shut up and don’t tell people how you really feel but sadly sometimes keeping stuff in can make you ill so today i told someone what was on my mind and wow nearly everyone knows my business and i think i might of upset someone. next time i will just tell a wall how i’m feeling.

liam has had a bad day at school. he’s been bullying people and had a light switch moment when one min hes fine next mine he’s hurting people. when we was walking home from school a family was going crazy because there child had a black eye. i was dragging liam by the hand because i could only think has liam done that. soon as we got home i went into his room and took out his tv and told him he’s banned from playing any ps4 games till he can show me he can be good.