feeling crappy

last night was kind of hard for me. mostly on a Wednesday night i jump onto a bus and head up to see someone but last night i could not do that. i was kind of hoping he would be a man and pop up and say his side to my face but nope…i was home alone so ended up in bed by 8pm.

soon as i went to my mothers after work to pick my son’s night stuff up she asked me if  I’ve had a phone call or a visit but sadly nope and i don’t think i will sadly. i kind of feel like a used teddy what someone got bored of :(.


5 thoughts on “feeling crappy

      • Seeing that I have 1420 sexy people following me on here I’m not gonna say….but what I will say people change and Life moves on :).

        ps kieran your not that smart i know it’s you because your email is showing up on my edit comments and also your ip address ( it says your on a 02 phone lol) …. aka people this is the ex i’m on about in the post (o.0) ….. if you think your gonna get any drama from the blog you’re looking at the wrong site and the wrong person…. oh and thankyou for viewing the blog 105 times on the 9th lmao.

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