yep my week

14568214_1578771965765261_870168066441533387_n.jpgsorry for not blogging alot this week. sadly i just have not been in a good mood to do anything lately but life has to keep on going even if its hard.

liam has been hurting people again. i thought hey we have sorted out the probs but nope he’s still having probs. school now have a smile chart what gets sent home to me to see what he’s doing. he been getting good days nearly all this week but a bad day today 😦 .

also don’t you just hate it when you click on that your just a friend to some people when they need you but if you need them you get nothing. yep sadly this week i have worked it out that sadly i know people like that. i really needed someone this week but i made my mind up that this time i will not contact them for once and they can talk to me first (last talked (1/10/16)….well i got nothing back and not even a hello knowing that i needed them. before anyone reads this and says oh i’ve been busy hmmm sorry but no-one is that busy to send a message to ask how you are doing….