stress head

Image result for stressed animalwell i have been to see a doctor and found out that i’m stressed to the bone but like i said well hell yer not alot of people can say they found out there ex was cheating , son has crazy probs at school to a point i’m in meetings, gonna be working for a new cleaning company and know nothing about them ,dog got put to sleep because he was ill and it had to be me who had to be there when it happened because family was on holiday 😦 ,  i was with someone and thought everything was good until it was over , friend fall outs, then clicked on something is not right with something (can’t say online). hmmm have i not said that this is my 2016 (>_<).

been told i need to start relaxing but HOW DO YOU DO THAT (O_O). something is always bloody going on in my life.

2016 has been a crap year for me but also it has made me realize how lucky i am to have a son who thinks the universe of me.

4 thoughts on “stress head

  1. When everything goes wrong it is the enemy Satan, trying to discourage you and get you to quit on life. Be strong and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to help you through it, he will. Just guard your tongue and what you say. Learn to praise God through everything and you will come out THE WINNER.

  2. i’m trying so hard to be less stressful but mostly my day will turn that way… today i went to work thinking right i have a meeting today with the new company i’m post to be moving to in November BUT NOPE meeting didn’t happen because dates got mixed and now its next week. i’ve also clicked on that i’m sleeping to much and i took a nap today what i’m not to happy about because when i’m sleepy in the day i go for a walk. went to pick liam up from school to find out he had a bad day and it could end up with a bloody meeting again what i’m getting sick of now.

    what will tomorrow bring…..

    ps i’m also trying to stay away from stuff what pee’s me off like facebook.

  3. I get stressed out so easily too, especially when I was in school. I’ve learned that although there are techniques to reduce stress and relax, the only way to truly get rid of the stress is by getting to the root of the problem and fixing that. But of course, that’s not easy either.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve hit a blip. It sounds like a really tough time. Just remember, with every down.. There is an up. Like a bouncy ball – as long as you persevere – you’ll end up higher than ever.

    Stay strong


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