i keep having nightmares nearly every night.

last night i woke up with a jump all because i had a dream i left liam home and i went to town and when i came home the windows where open and liam was cleaning (O_O). other night i had a dream some crazy person was going around town with a gun.

i kind of want the dreams to stop…. i’m i having crazy dreams because of my stress probs?

4 thoughts on “nightmares

  1. Pray and ask God to deliver you from nightmares in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Nightmares usually come from Satan. God talks to us in dreams, read Job 33:14-18. You need to write down everything from your dream. Daytime dream, night time, color or black and white. Then every detail. As with Daniel’s dreams, things often are symbols or symbolic. Then we look at what the symbols mean from the scriptures, not the world’s interpretation and that is how you understand the messages from God.

    Hope that helps.

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