parent’s at my son’s school…. Don’t treat my son like this.

i found out something a little bit hurtful but it’s not new and we are kind of getting used to it. a parent went around my son’s class and gave out birthday invites to all the children but NOT LIAM.

just because my son has special needs does not mean he’s a bad person. yes he’s a little bit different to the other children but don’t treat him like he’s a bad egg. my son is a lovely , funny, caring happy boy who just wants a friend.

if it came to it i could come to the party’s and keep a eye open onย him when he’s having fun with his friends and you don’t even have to talk to me…..

24 thoughts on “parent’s at my son’s school…. Don’t treat my son like this.

    • it happens alot…I’ve even had parents telling liam to leave there child alone when he’s only playing because they think he’s gonna hurt them.

      he just wants to make friends but finds it hard but he’s trying.

  1. That’s fucked up and cruel. I have a son who has issues and is treated the same. People cant cope and cant accept. It makes me angry. I hope your boy is ok โ˜บ

  2. Parents at times impair the “regular” kids by attempting to limit their contact with kids like Liam. How Ironic. Contact like the one Liam can give to the “regular” kids is in reality a good and profitable experience. Fear makes people do silly things. Feebleness is a product of forestalling reality. More irony.

  3. There are still too many people up their own bottom, quite frankly, who don’t have the intelligence to do anything but make erroneous assumptions and judge accordingly. How are the nightmares? Mine have calmed down a little.

  4. Reblogged this on Okoto Enigma and commented:
    I came across this and I felt the need to reblog because not only is it cruel, it’s wrong. How can a parent treat a child this? Its emotional abuse; and it shouldn’t be done! If it were your kid in that situation, how would you feel? Society is wrong!

  5. This is heart breaking, yet sadly not surprising. We are in one of the most hypocritical epochs of our time, we speak a.lot about bullying, say why it’s wrong, yet these events occur like it’s our daily bread.

  6. This is awful! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ </3 It truly breaks my heart to think that this still happens because my best friend's younger brother has been in a similar situation with his learning difficulty but he is such a sweet, kind and friendly boy, just like your Liam must be ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. My son is autistic and went to a special needs school. There were about 10 kids in the class and at first he couldn’t cope with birthdays so we invited one or two. Later we just invited them all. Kids like these just want to be accepted and many ‘normal’ kids and parents can learn a lot from them. I hope your child has more positive experiences, rather than the confusion he must feel.

  8. i feel so terrible reading this… This is how kids are taught about discrimination from childhood and its bad.. Woman, i think you should report that teacher to the authorities and a disciplinary action should be taken on her.

  9. WOW. Unbelievable but I’m sure you’re not the only person who has experienced this. I am a teacher myself and have had a lot of experience of working with children with special needs.

    I think the classroom environment and in particular parents attitudes can set a president for their children’s attitudes and it is that, which I feel is most damaging. Birthday parties specifically can cause all sorts of problems and children as young as 4 quickly pick up on these sorts of situations.

    Parents who discriminate against children in their child’s class (for many reasons, not just special needs) causes a huge problem and it continues social segregation and encourages bullying throughout school and unfortunately, shapes social attitudes for life and in the wider community.

    While it is heartbreaking for you and your son, I really hope that this is not a common theme for birthday parties. In my class I ensure that party invitations are distributed discreetly.

    Perhaps you could contact your son’s school and suggest they put a policy in place so that, in future these situations don’t occur.

    All the best


  10. Poor Liam, my son didn’t get invited to parties until this year ( year 5 ) he’s adopted and emotionally younger than his peers …. it tears at my soul when injustice is played out by the thoughtless acts of other parents….
    but the loss in the end is theirs as they have proved themselves not worthy of being part of our circle…. we don’t accept cruelty.

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