minecraft nightmares

Image result for creepers minecraftLiam just woke up screaming his head off in tears. I went into his room and chilled him down and told him he was ok and it was just a bad dream. he asked me if I could look at his feet so i did and I told him there ok. he says so they haven’t been eaten off mummy. he told me he had a dream that the creepers from Minecraft got hold of him and started to eat his feet… hmmm think no Minecraft for abit.

6 thoughts on “minecraft nightmares

    • liam hates them kind of games and finds it hard to sit down and work stuff out and will get peed off and turns them off. he does have star wars educational reading and math books (what he loves) and boredgames (even school does the star wars way).

      minecraft is the only game he will sit and use’s his brain and work stuff out and some of the builds he has done are wow.

  1. I had that problem once dreaming of a game and I was in my early 40s lol I won’t mention the game but it was similar to GTA. I was like yup had enough of playing that nonsense warping my brain. Also Hope you guys have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I have a before 5:00 rule. If something scares them they leave it for a few days and then if they want to go back to it they can only watch/play/read before 5:00 and then they have to do/read/watch something comforting. For safety sake we ban new things after 7:00. But you are the parent you’ll decide what’s best.

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