why is it when you try very hard at stuff but there is always gonna be people who tell you your failing. i’m doing something on my own and also some of this stuff is new to me and trying very hard but starting to feel like a fail.

that was my night tonight.

5 thoughts on “thankyou

  1. You certainly are not a failure. You are doing one of the hardest things in life, singlehandedly. Raising a child is no easy has at all! Everyone makes mistakes, and there is no one way to raise a kid. There are a million different ways. People don’t know the inner battles you face, and some are just bitter. So hold your head high and believe in yourself ❤

  2. Yes ! try hard. Don’t listen to people who bring you down, though. Just set a goal, experiment and try. If you fail, don’t give up. Actually, you only fail if you give up. The rest is just failed experiments that are to help you succeed if you know what I mean. Listen to this song called “Try again” by Aaliyah. That should keep you motivated. 🙂

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