wtf lmao

if people read my blogs i think it was only the other day when i did a blog about guys asking me out and how a guy i liked asked me out and i said nope (if you’re reading ask me on a date to movies or buy me a teddy lol). well i saw my bro today. he said he went out on friday night and some guy came up to him and asked if he was kera’s brother and he said yes and the guy said he used to work in the same building as me and that i’m fit…my poor bro just looked at him and said ok (lol what’s he post to say). he told me what he looked like but i don’t have a clue who it is lol.

(O_O) i do not understand what guys see in me lol.

3 thoughts on “wtf lmao

  1. that’s the prob guys think wow she’s cute but when they get to know me they mostly try to change me or just leave because I don’t want to change. I was once told by a guy that I was to boyish lol.

    • Bloody hell, boys! A male friend of mine once said he didn’t think men even begin to grow up until they turn 50! And it is very true that men who are secure enough to be with a woman who knows her own mind are few and far between. Don’t even think of looking and someone will turn up when you least expect it. It’s better to enjoy your own company and know that you don’t need to have a chap to feel complete. It will happen. x

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