need advise

i have been wanted to write about this for abit but have been putting it off because I’m abit embarrassed to talk about it BUT I just do not know what to do about it anymore.

for about 3weeks now my son keeps pooing himself. I think he’s doing it attention because he does it when I’m on the loo, bath when he’s gone to bed, on the phone, watching YouTube on laptop when he’s on the xbox and he has done it walking home from school. tonight I sat him down and  I asked him why he keeps doing this but he won’t tell me…its got to a point now that I have told him if he does not stop this I might not take him to comic con and that did hit him. he’s been having probs at school this week so he is banned from playing his games… thinking about going to the doctors but I don’t think they will even help.

8 thoughts on “need advise

  1. before anyone asks I spend alot of time with liam to a point that this weekend i’m gonna being having a night out so I can have a break (first time since September 2016). i’m gonna be starting a chart next week to see if it helps …

  2. it happened again two times today. i sat him down and after talking to him for a hour and him crying because he thought i was gonna be peed off i got it out of him.

    i’m still gonna book him into the doctors to see if they can give me some advise.

  3. I have no suggestions that haven’t already been said, but I wanted to let you know that, in spite of not having the same problems, your not alone.
    I am having some “what the hell?” problems too.
    Thanks for sharing.

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