some teens need a slap….so rude

I had something odd happen yesterday and yes I know the jerk of a teen who said it. I was walking my son to his nan and granddad house when I saw some teens. one turned around and said hey I know her she went to a retard school and him and his friends laughed and I just walked on with my son.

just because I went to a special needs school does not mean I’m dumb as pie. I’m 28 years old and has been working since the age of 17, I have a smart 6 year old who is bril at math and working stuff out, oh and I  also have certificates in blogging on the web (1,326 sexy followers) ,   building a online business and also animal care.

I think the Mong-retard-spastic one are the people who think it’s ok to be rude to people who have disability’s.

8 thoughts on “some teens need a slap….so rude

  1. You are truly an inspiration 😍
    Don’t pay heeds to those teens….
    Your disability rather sparkles ‘The one with this ability’ counting from 1 to many 😊💖

  2. it does not get to me because i have had this since i was young but other people with probs do take this to heart.

    i always remember a teacher saying to me that i was dumb and i was not gonna get anywhere in life and i was badly bullied for being different (i was under 10). in my early 20s I found out from my mum that a different teacher said the same thing but in the playground so that the other mothers could hear…

    yep i do have dyslexia, memory probs and short attention span but look how far i have come and i’m not stopping :D.

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