don’ t you just love it when your child says something and it makes you feel like your slowly melting into the chair your sitting in. on Wednesday we was at the doctors. she was running 20mins late and my son can’t sit still more then 5mins without doing or saying something. a big lady left one of the rooms and Liam shouts HEY MUM LOOK AT THAT FAT LADY. I just felt my body melting. I told him that it was rude to say that and everyone is different but Liam said yer but she’s fat.

(O_O) I didn’t know where to hide my face.

5 thoughts on “omg

  1. LOL omg this happened with my little brother when he was three – we were in an airport waiting room and there was this big lady, I mean really big, in a wheelchair kind of big, bless her, and suddenly he stood up and POINTED at her shouting, ‘LOOK LEN LOOK AT THAT LADY SHE IS SO FAT!’ – and she just stared at him. I was only thirteen at the time and so mortified, I dragged him away as fast as I could but oh my God I know exactly how you feel! I guess kids will be kids, lol. They like to say it how it is!

  2. You can raise them well but the stuff they learn from school and friends is another story altogether, don’t beat yourself up.

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