not a happy mummy

19059046_10212331994551073_1678314407682384660_nwent to pick my son up from school to see that my boy has a lovely black eye. I asked him who did this to you but he didn’t say so I asked his teacher. she says someone bumped into him and in the report its been put down as a small bump.. when I was walking home I asked a parent to have a look at it and even they said liam has been punched.

off to see the office tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “not a happy mummy

  1. That explanation wouldn’t have settled with me …yes investigate that does look like a punch ..poor kiddo so hate things like this .good luck let us know what you find out if you can .

  2. i told liam that I was gonna go to the office and he came out and said who had done it (his friend) and how it happened. he was standing behind his friend and by accident elbowed him in the eye. I went to the office and they said the same thing.

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