I got a phone call from school yesterday saying liam had been sick. I went to pick him up and when walking home I rang up my mum and told her I think he’s faking because he does not look sick and he is not hot. soon as he got home the little sod says mummy I feel better can I play on the xbox. I WAS NOT HAPPY. I told him no because you are sick and sick people stay in bed and watch tv.

today he is still home because school say he has to stay off till Monday….BUT NOTHING IS WRONG.


One thought on “ARRR HE’S A PRO

  1. My youngest did this for ages in the early years at school. He didn’t get Xbox or telly – we had long long walks in the park and long long talks and eventually he got over his weekly sick days but he has always treasured (and I have too) those days spent with just Mum. Oh don’t worry I actively discouraged and got angry and worried he was missing out on school and all the rest of it but in the end…he has turned into the most amazing young man who works two jobs is very responsible and loved by all who know him. long as the sick time is well spent – your son will be fine.

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