o-o hello its me

i’m in bed watching some tv and talking to my cat when i clicked on how i do not have friends.  i have people i talk to but i don’t have people who want to see me for a coffee or ask me when i’m free or if they can come to mine and hang out.

i spend alot of time just chilling with my son and cat…would be nice to have a friend.

6 thoughts on “o-o hello its me

  1. I feel the same mate. I’ve written recently too (on my blog), of how writing can be a cruel therapy: I want to tell people things, so I write. But then I have to hope people read me, because like you, I have very few people to talk to in real life. There, I said it.

    I do find comfort in my peers online, and I know I can go to other writers with my personal issues, using writing as some sort of cover. Because although I want to open up, I daren’t for fear of total rejection (through few comments), or of attracting too much attention (even though I’m crying out for it). Funny, innit?

    All I can suggest personally, is look me up. My personal Facebook account is on my blog, as well as my writer’s page. Then I have to hope I don’t sound like a weirdo for offering a hand. But the truth is, I’ve become friends with others writers and bloggers, where those were the only things we had in common at first. Point is, it’s not weird 😀

    And sometimes I meet up with those friends, or talk on the phone. These are just suggestions. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep being you. It’s interesting to read your stuff x

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