its now sunday and i’m home just chilling about to make a nice hot drink before i go to bed.

but i did want to write about how i have been feeling abit low. don’t get me wrong i’m not having probs with liam and home stuff…but work has been the hard one. i try so hard to keep people happy but i just feel like my best is just not good for some people. on top of that people what where very near to me have now stopped talking to me and it’s because i work for new people now and that makes me feel like poop and makes my job feel odd when i see them and when i say hello and i get nothing (not even a smile).

maybe next week will be better.

5 thoughts on “hi

  1. I have been volunteering at Meals on Wheels since 2007. I recently started at a new building. My boss wont even say hi when i walk in. She looks up and ignores me. It makes me feel bad!
    But u have good attitude!!!xxx

    • I worked for 10years for the other job till they gave my contract to the new company what I have been with for a year now. I love the people I work with but people from my old job won’t talk hmm change that they talk when they want gossip or be rude.

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