sadly i’m gonna be having a hard chat with my son today about cancer and to tell you the truth i don’t’ know how to tell him. it won’t that long ago when i found out my grandad has lung cancer. i think we all found out in june-july this year. sadly grandad is in hospital and its not looking good and it has hit me.

i feel like i need to tell my son why we are all feeling sad and what is going on…but i do not know how to.


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  1. Be honest, don’t say things that you really don’t believe and meet him at his level. Different kids (and adults) respond differently to this kind of news. Tell him as much or as little as he wants. There is no need to shelter him from this. If you have a belly button, someday you will die and the more we are exposed to these serious situations, the more “normal” it becomes. These are significant family events. I have seen way too many children be “spared” the raw data of death, only to resent it later on as they felt they were isolated and left out of what was going on.. BTW… I have been a funeral director for 39 years, so this comes from my experience working with thousands of hurting people. Good luck.

  2. It is a great time to explain heaven and hell and to explain how much God loves us. But also explain our spirit, soul and body. Our spirit man is inside us, we do not see. It is the breath of life.. Our soul is our mind, will and emotions and our body is our fleah. Even though the flesh dies, our spirit and soul go on living. Hope that helps.

  3. thankyou for the comments and help.
    told him that grampa is not very well right now and is in hospital.
    liam found it hard to understand so he wants to draw a picture.

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