i went to pick liam up from school yesterday. soon as i went to the classroom i could see liam messing about. i just knew then that its gonna be bad news. soon as the doors open i got called into the classroom. liam was just laying on the floor but soon as he saw me he sat down. i had children coming up to me and telling me he had been hitting children. even a mother was having ago at the teacher because her child had been hit but there was no mark on the child. i sat down and had a chat with the teacher to find out liam had NO one to one and he would not listen to her. i was not happy with liam but i’m not also happy with the school because he should’ve had one to one.

what do they want me to do? i can see it ending up with me going to school and watching him.

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  1. You should not have to sit in the class with him. You need to push the school to help you more. If he has been diagnosed with anything they have to have support staff available for him.

    • Been fighting for a test since the age of 2 and got ADHD stuff last month but it can take 2years to find out. I’m thinking of asking the school for a test to be done to see if he is safe to be near children seeing that he hurts them with no one to one about.

      • What Country do you live? In Canada it took us abut a year, once we go the proper doctors, to get an actual diagnoses. Nicole isn’t a danger, but has emotional problems and needs to see the guidance counselor. I have to keep on them all the time about her school work.
        If he is hurting other children it shouldn’t take so long to help him. I would keep on bugging the school. At some point they have to help you, even if you have to go above the school and go to the school board.
        Have you considered Home schooling?

  2. I would tell him when you get good reports from school about his behaviour he can play with his games. When the report is not good, no games and put them away so he can not get them.
    we train up children as Proverbs 22:6 tells us. Even trees and bushes we train to grow a certain way. Animals we train and people go through job training. Train him and reward good behaviour. Loss of priveleges for poor behaviour. And ask God for help.

      • Everyone has a breaking point so if what you do now is not working, add a little more squeeze. Then explain why you are adding the squeeze and do not give in without squeezing . Explain if you do not do your job correctly, you get fired. My generation feared what our parents would do to us. It does not appear the consequences he pays affects him so make the consequences a little more difficult for him and explain why so he understands.

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