no christmas feeling

i don’t know what is wrong with me but i just don’t feel that christmas feeling that everyone is getting right now at this time of the year. i have even been making myself watch santa films but nope.

i just feel like it’s that time of the year when your money goes crazy and bills love to change days for there money and oh we can’t forget the christmas shopping. this year i am only shopping for my son, fella, mum,dad, sister and brother because there the only people who see me but already found out one of them have spent a 5 pound on me after i spent £15.

3 thoughts on “no christmas feeling

  1. I haven’t been in the spirit either. Not listening to a lot of music and even though I went to parties and I had a good time. I spent the last two days writing out cards. i am still doing it. Twice I have wanted to go shopping and both times something prevented it.

  2. went to a lovely Carol Service and Nativity with my son tonight but still don’t feel like it’s the best time of the year. nearly everyone is just angry and stressed and i feel shocked when i see a happy face.

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