been busy

People have been asking me alot how i am doing and i have to say alot better since not listening to my doctor. I kept having crazy nightmares what the doctor said it was the pills but wanted to keep taking them 0.0 So i thought no thanks and for nearly a month the dreams are stopping.

It was also my grandads funeral this month and it was a lovely send off. Still upsets me to think i was having a right chat with him in march and now he is gone.

After many months of thinking and talking to family…liam will be getting homeschooled starting jan 1st 2020 and right now he’s getting homeschooled only after school. Don’t get me wrong the school has done there best but its just that the education board has failed. my son will be 9 in december and he can’t read, write and understand well but they say there is nothing wrong. They might as well say they don’t give a shit about liam. I also not happy that i keep getting told liam has adhd, autism and dyspraxia but they won’t diagnosis him. liam is like having 3 kids in 1 and he has anxiety and is becoming a nightmare getting him to school.

pooping my pants

i have been getting alot of spam phone calls lately and what i do is just block them…tonight i got a call from 0113 350 1257. i picked it up and it was like something out of a horror film. the guy down the phone was singing a creepy song and asked for kera prince .. i hanged up and blocked the number 0.0.