15380866_10210508487404534_8613499055593635128_nwelcome to my life blog and hello to everyone.
my name is KERA but most people call me keys ( #keys1988 ) . I’m a crazy 29 year old woman who loves to have a good bitch about life and i also like to enjoy life too. I live near a town called Huddersfield what is in the uk (not much to say about it). Oh i nearly forgot to say that i am a mother to a lovely boy called Liam who is 7 years old :D. 

blogging – If someone told me that i would have over 1,000 people following my blog when i started it in 2012 i would of laughed in there face. The reason i made a blog was all because i was bored,lonely and had depression (for 4 years). It’s 2017 and WordPress is my life and i can’t keep off it 🙂 . i have also found out that people form Huddersfield read my blogs and wow that made me feel so happy and also shy BUT i always say thankyou to the
lovely people who say they read what’s on the site :). 

Thank you so much for following my life and thank you for the comments also the
likes. You sexy people make my day and always put a smile on my face. I love you and wish i could give you all big hugs :). Also a big thankyou to everyone who puts my blog link on there own page…you sexy people are awesome 😀 .

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62 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT KEYS1988

  1. Cheers for checking out my post on the Campaign for Kingsgate Water Slide Park, glad you liked it and hope you had a laugh at the song too! All the best!

  2. From one Yorkshire Lass to another….hello! Thanks for popping by. Liam looks gorgeous. You’re right to be a proud Mum. Best of luck with the violin and uke….that’ll give the neighbours something to listen to 😉

  3. Just introduced to your blog and I LOVE it! Being here in the states, I’m jealous of your life in Europe, but I’m sure you get that all the time :). I will be traveling to Austria for my honeymoon in February though — I guess that’s something!

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  5. Hi Keys I am Lenora. I really like your blog and your posts, you’re so relatable and honest, it’s amazing! Just a small note to say hang in there and keep posting 🙂

  6. Thank you for liking my all important, earth shattering poem Penis Envy. I felt it was time that it was all said right out there in front of god and everybody.

    Brent Kincaid, WordMusic.

  7. This is a very delayed reply to this post but anywayy, I just noticed you don’t live too far from me (I’m 30 minutes away from Leeds) so I just thought I’d come and say hey 🙂

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  9. Thank you for looking into Agnellus Mirror and liking what you saw there. I’m just back in Kent from visiting my mother in Saddleworth, not 1000000 miles from you. Warmer up North than in Kent, Keep smiling and don’t let Liam rule the roost!
    Will T

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