saturday night

39521758_10215940071110732_8710392503209033728_nwent out last night for my 30th and as you can tell by the photo i had a fun night.

hmmm until i got home and was sick. lol i should of not had them chips in the taxi.



Image may contain: foodyep its my 30th birthday today and nope not doing anything. but i gotta admit that’s the way i wanted it to be.

bringing in 30

its tuesday and not alot has gone on hmmm well i have now been told that i’m having a 3oth birthday party . if i admit it the only reason my fella is sorting out a party is because i told him on my 30th i’m not doing nothing and i’m spending my birthday meal in mcdonalds with liam lol.  he says you only turn 30 once but like i said no one gives a crap if i’m turning 30 lol.

hey i’m not gonna forget my 30th lol.

Also made my mind up that i’m not gonna even celebrate it because last year no one gave a crap i was now 29 and i only got 2 phone calls (mom and dad) and a text 3 days later. but i will open my cards and get a small cake because of my gonna even take the age thing off facebook so no-one can bug me on that day…

i just don’t see the point in celebrating if no one cares lol.


today i have just been cleaning up my home to keep my mind off stuff and building stuff on minecraft for my son.

today is my 29th birthday and no joke i only got 3 cards this year (my nan and grandad, mum and dad, sister and her fella). mostly i get more then that but nope it looks like people forgot. on top of that no-one has come round to see me today and the only people who rang to say happy birthday was my mum and dad.

kind of want to go to bed now 😦

hi sexy people

wow that was a nice WordPress holiday but its time to get ready to tap the crazy out of my laptop or sometimes phone.

first thing i need to say is its not long now till 2016 and i want to thank everyone who reads and follows my blog,twitter and snapchat. last year at this time i just hit 500 follows and now its 800. thankyou and i love you all :).

1)its been a busy week with all sorts going on. liam loved everything he got on xmas oh and i can’t forget the yummy dinner my mother made for us all :).

2) boxing day i spent it playing games with my boy and looking after my mothers dog.

3) 27th it was liam’s 5th birthday and we took him to his first ice hockey game but sadly he didn’t like it because he hates loud sounds but everyone else had fun lol.