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16996116_10211285012657180_4090007904389339663_nnot a lot of people will know this but I love reading. I love jumping into a different planet where all my worry’s can go away for abit.

anyway this is a photo of my bookcase in my bedroom. can’t wait to get this room the way I want it :D.


hi people

arr been wanting to write to you sexy people but i have been so busy. liam is on his holiday so i’m trying to keep him busy as much as i can and on top of that i’m trying to read up on business study’s so i can do a course at some point (maybe next year). i do have my ALISON building an online business certifcate but i want a ICS business management… 🙂

lmao feeling odd

have you ever felt like hiding your face. i have just done reading 50 Shades Of Grey and also got the dvd. i wanted to get the second book so i went into a book shop. when i was waiting in the line to the tills a woman behind me kept giggling and i new it was at me holding this book in my hand. soon as i got to the till the guy kept telling me how he’s liked all the books and he loves the movie……. think i might order the 3rd one off amazon next time lol.