hi sexy people :P

i better say sorry for not doing a blog for abit.

sadly i have had a lovely bug what had me ill for 4days. went to bed on Monday night with a headache but next day i could not lift up my head , i felt cold , belly pains and i could not talk. i now feel 90% better and started to eat again.

also I’ve been feeling kind of poop. liam has been home for 2weeks and its been cool but this week i feel kind of bad because we have not been able to go out and explore because of that dumb bug. I’ve also been feeling kind of lonely and before anyone says you got a 5 year old….yer but it  would be nice to talk to someone about stuff what is not about Star Wars and Lego’s.

liam news and stuff

whoop good news…i’m back to being me again and no-more running to the loo every 5mins. i was like a zombie yesterday but waking up at 2am and not sleeping till 10pm will make anyone look like a zombie. also yesterday even if i was sick i had to go to a meeting at liam’s school and before anyone at work reads this and thinks hang on….i have been waiting 3years to get to this point for liam and i could not just ring up and not go. i was sat in a meeting with belly pain and feeling hot as pie oh and i felt like a zombie oh and i could not fart because i was worried lmao..

the meeting was about how liam is and how he is in school. i have to say seeing a book full of stuff liam has done to children is not nice but even the teacher said the hurting has gone down to 2times a week but at one point it was everyday. there trying to get him some more one2one and there going to try and get him to join with the children. got alot of stuff coming up for him so more fun and games.