yorkshire snow


cool weekend

20376201_10212879729164096_5095591809398708270_nmonday is here and i have that feeling when i’m very sleepy and i just want my bed but it is also the school holiday so have liam to entertain. this weekend what has gone was bril. i took liam to his first comic con and he loved it. i spent £300 but i got so much art work and i’m very happy about.

i have next weekend off and i do not know what i am gonna be doing yet. i booked the weekend off because my birthday is on the 15th and i kind of just wanted a party with just liam or we might go out or just play on the xbox with him.

did a boo boo lol

bad news – I kind of did a dumb thing last night before going to bed. I was having a look at backgrounds and without thinking I pressed save not the X. I spent a hour looking for my old one but no luck. so say hello to the new back ground lol. only prob I have with it is that the tags are on top and I don’t like that but everything looks ok for now.

Christmas :D

Image may contain: one or more people and people sittingMERRY CHRISTMAS.. got woken up by liam at 5am this morning yelling YAY YAY YAY. Santa left him a X Box One star wars Lego game. soon as he chilled down and i woke myself up we went into the frontroom what now looks like a war zone.

been up to my mom and dads for dinner and chilled there (watched the 2nd harry potter film) till it was time to go home..

we are now home watching dvds and eating till we are sick lol.

my Saturday

i have to admit that i feel kind of good. i went to town with my family and got the big shopping done and went to cex (https://uk.webuy.com/) for some new dvds for me to watch at nights. the only stress chest pain i got today was when liam let go of my hand to run after a pigeon and he nearly ran into the bloody road.

we also took liam to see santa today. it always makes me laugh when we go see him because liam goes into shock and won’t talk. mum took the photos and one of the photos looks like i’m picking my nose but i had a itch on my face lol (good timing mom lol).

well it’s now 7pm and he’s gone to bed so that means horror film night…