Hi Sexy people

Sorry I have not been doing alot of writing on here.i have had alot of stuff going on in my mind but sadly I can’t write it down . I’ve also been having some crazy dreams like the one last night with aliens (0.0).

Spent yesterday with my son and mum. Took Liam to see the new chipmunk movie and Liam loved it. ‘hehe’ he loved it so much he was dancing to the songs.

(O_O) money change

whoop got the week off but it looks like i might have to pop into work to get my pay slips and sort out my work hours (adding 30 mins). i got a letter today from kirklees to sort out my rent and tax but what kind of makes my mind go blank is my work money is going up next month but they need to no what i’m getting now and what is going into the bank (but its all going to change soon o,o). says in the paperwork that i have till the end of feb to sort it or my rent and tax will go up so i have to fill in the stuff BUT i be doing this again maybe in the next month (O_O).

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hi sexy people

wow that was a nice WordPress holiday but its time to get ready to tap the crazy out of my laptop or sometimes phone.

first thing i need to say is its not long now till 2016 and i want to thank everyone who reads and follows my blog,twitter and snapchat. last year at this time i just hit 500 follows and now its 800. thankyou and i love you all :).

1)its been a busy week with all sorts going on. liam loved everything he got on xmas oh and i can’t forget the yummy dinner my mother made for us all :).

2) boxing day i spent it playing games with my boy and looking after my mothers dog.

3) 27th it was liam’s 5th birthday and we took him to his first ice hockey game but sadly he didn’t like it because he hates loud sounds but everyone else had fun lol.