its odd how when i was a little lass the uk would make a big deal out of bonfire night. it would be all over the tv and i can remember even my school setting off fireworks. But sadly now at the age of 28 i have noticed that…

1)shops are doing nothing about the 5th on there windows or even in the shops.

2) school’s don’t talk about why we have bonfire night.

3) supermarkets are to scared to even sell fireworks because of dumb people.

liam hates fireworks so we are staying in tonight so if you are out tonight be safe and don’t do nothing stupid.


so stressed

39_shirt_1270333033_wwf_wrestling_pandas_shirt_largeits only sodding Tuesday and i’m having a poop week.

1st – liam lost his school jumper so now i have to buy a new one.

2nd – my boyfriends motor bike went up in flames when he was riding it home from work (he’s ok but in shock).

3rd – been told by a worker that my hours/days might change again (O_O).

4th – i want to see a nurse but been told i have to wait till next Wednesday.