lets hope it stops

its funny how i used to write on here alot and now its like when i have time to write on here lol. also it’s been the school week off so i have been trying to keep liam busy.

i do not know if i put anything about this on the blog but on thursday i finally reported the neighbors downstairs. the old lady has not been there since the middle of august 2017. she came up to me with her son to tell me she can hear my kitten running about and i said no way you can hear my cat because i just had to get her a bell because i can’t bloody hear her. starting at the end of august her son’s started to stay there and thats when the fun started. everytime my son walks about they start to bang on my roof and its always between 3:30pm to 6pm. they also started to move stuff about at 11pm when i was in bed. this went on for 2weeks until one day i had 4hours of sleep and liam had been home for 2hours and they where banging so I shouted STOP BANGING ON MY BLOODY WALL. HE IS 6 YEARS OLD AND I CAN’T F**KING TAPE HIM TO THE CHAIR BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE HIM MOVING. IF YOU HAVE A PROB COME TO MY DOOR AND STOP BANGING ON MY F**KING ROOF. after i said that the banging stopped for 2weeks until the beginning of this month when it started again but i just blanked them out and thought go report me because im moving about between 3pm and 6pm.

but one day i was sat at home around 10am when i started to hear a tapping sound. i didn’t think much of it until i started to watch the cat. they was tapping my roof but not on one spot but i just turned the tv up and they stopped and that went on for 2 weeks tap tap tap and yelling ARRRR . one saturday i was just chilling with liam and at 11am i started to hear music and no joke they must of had there speakers on my staircase and i thought ok i’m going to see them because i’m sick of this crap but before i was about to leave the flat the music stopped and looked like someone beat me to it. it even happened last thursday when i came home from working morning so i went and put on mtv bass and they soon turned their crap down and i went to bed.

this week has been the school holidays so i have moved the games into my bedroom so i can have the tv. on tuesday morning at 7am i was woken up to a big bang sound. this sound happened 3 more times and it was downstairs banging on my bedroom roof. i made up my mind that i was gonna report them but i needed to see someone face to face but on wednesday that’s when i had it. i came home from work at 10pm and went to bed and the only thing i could hear on full was bbc news under my bedroom and this went onto 4am.

i went to see housing and reported it and found out that no one has reported me for anything  and that the guys downstairs are post to not be there because the flat is under the mother’s name not theirs. a letter will be sent out to them and let’s see if they stop. but sadly the letter won’t be going to the guys because it be going to the mother.


what a sodding morning

well i had a fun morning.

the lady who sadly lost her daughter came out her house and asked me if i said anything on facebook. well i said yes but i only put i was sad and shocked. well she went crazy on me and started to yell at me saying that i put her childs name all over the internet (but i do not know there names). i told her that i have not and if i have upset you i’m sorry. she then started to shout out she was going to ring up the police on me. i mostly would of not give a crap about this because the woman has alot going on but WHEN SHE WAS YELLING RIGHT NEXT TO MY SON (O_O). i got hold of liam’s hand and just left her yelling at me. liam asked me what was that about and i told him we are just not friends anymore. i found out when i got home that some silly person had put the womans name on my fb page so i deleted the status and deleted a hell of alot of people and i even left a new status. my mom and dad said don’t worry about it because you have done nothing wrong and if she yells at you again saying stuff like this report her to the police. my mother took me out to a have a coffee and went around the charty shops and when we was in the shop two ladys where talking about the woman hmmmm wonder if i will be blamed for that (O_O). 

 well i had a fun morning. i just had my neighbour having a right go at me next to my son all because someone had told her that i have put her childs name all over my facebook page. like i said to the lady i did put something online but i did not say her name (because i didn’t no her name). she kept yelling at me when i was walking away and at the same time saying she was going to ring the police on me for putting her childs name all over the internet.

I spent 2hours last night in tears thinking about what had happened so having this woman yelling at me made me feel more crap.
Because of this I have deleted a lot of people off my fb page (was going to delete page but to many photos). Thank you for blacking my name and making me sound like a hurtful bitch to everyone in meltham.

ps i had depression for 4 years after i had my son ….i’m not going to do anything stupid but i will say always be careful when you try to talk poop about stuff like this…. right now i’m just in shock and feeling sick.


Got 10mins left until I have to start work again.wow today has been a stressful day and right now I feel like I have ran 10miles but not long till home time. Anyway might as well give you Sexy people a laugh about what happened to me last night.I got to meet the new neighbours what live next to me who also live on the 2nd floor. I walked into my kitchen last night at 11pm and best part was I had no top on. I turned around to see the new neighbours looking right at me.I jumped to the floor like a ninja and went jumping out the kitchen and when I told my fella he could only just laugh.

Hehe got to go back and work xxxxx.

nextdoor music at 11pm and its still going >:(

i feel like writing a blog right now because i feel so pissed off. its 12am and i have to be up at 5am but i’m still up all because my sodding nextdoor think its ok to play there music to the top at 11pm and still playing. i know they don’t sodding like me but this is stupid. by 11:35pm i ended up shouting at my bedroom wall TURN THAT F~~KING MUSIC OFF I GOT TO BE UP FOR WORK AT 5:00AM. they did turn it down for 10mins but soon put it up again.

00:07 they have turned it down but can still sodding hear it >:(. so happy liam is at his nans tonight or the police would be banging on there door.

UPDATE : whooop got to sleep thanks to my headphones….they was still playing music at 12:15am…..

lost my garden :(

wpid-img_20150113_101829.jpgright now i just feel crappy and pissed off. nearly a month ago housing went and put up a fence on my land blocking me from my garden. today i finely got hold of the main guy to be told that it is not my garden (but was told by upstairs it was) and its a community garden. i told him that i was told it was my land by upstairs but nope. the fence was put up because of children playing and kicking footballs into  there garden so they asked for a fence (O_O) but its post to be a community garden. i asked if i could have a fence and got told no because its a community garden???????.so i said but my neighbors have gardens? oh that’s because they have been living there for along time aka there old (O_O) so it won’t shock me if i come home from work one day to see my garden ripped up :(.

yo people

don’t it just bug you when someone says hello to you and you can’t remember that person and you have to say hello or that people will think you are being rude (O_O). this has happened to me  alot this week lol.

still have to see that sodding fence everytime I leave my flat. my housing officer asked me to ring him up but the number he has given me is to the main office. why could I not have his main number? going to be ringing them up on Monday to find out if there going to move this fence off my sodding land.

I don’t mostly do this but if anyone wants to follow me on anything go have a look on my page CONTACT ME :D. come say hello to me and make my day.

love you xxxxxxx

good and bad

well I have had good news and bad news and its only sodding Wednesday.

anyway lets start with the good news. the pj lady has moved out and I can now walk outside without being watched woop. shes left all the baby stuff outside and I do not think she understand that if housing see that she will be fined.

bad new – my dad rang me up last night saying he had bad news. first I thought someone had died but nope his work have changed his hours meaning I now have no childcare on Monday and Fridays (my work days). I’m prying work will sort something out or I will have to leave :(.