scary history about a farm house (O_O)

Do you ever remember a old story being told to you when you was a child but you thought naaa it’s just a lie. On 24th december i went to see my grandparents and they mentioned there old house they used to live in (Skegness-Friskney). I remembered this thing they told me and other family members about what happened to that house in the war.

There was a story that a old ww2 plane crashed into the house and parts went everywhere sometime in the 1940s and that the guy flying the plane died.

Where they lived was a old farm house with a very big garden…Soooooo big they had a caravan in it and a play area for us grandkids. But there was only one part we was not aloud to go near and that was the very big orchard and if we did go in there without a adult we would get a good telling off about it. We was only aloud in the orchard to pick apples with my nan but i remember the grass being long and the ground being very bumpy. I was told a story that there were still plane parts on the ground so me being a dumb 7 year old i thought it was plane parts every time i felt a bump.

Well today i found out the truth about what happened. It happened on the 3-4th March 1945, It was a Halifax Mark111 bomber , The team he was with was attacked,  7 crew but 4 lived (someone says), PILOT – P/O A.E. SCHRANK died. The plane crashed and demolished a farm house,  Mother and daughter died but father lived.

i wonder if the old house used to be in the orchard? but i can always remember spending my 6 week holiday at that house and every night i had to sleep with the bedroom door open and sleep with my sister or cousin in the room because i felt like someone was watching me and i used to hear footsteps at night when everyone was in bed.



scary crap

today i just feel so sleepy but after the night i had you might understand.

i was woken up at 3am to a sound of someone running up and down my stairs what go to my flat upstairs door. i jumped out of bed and opened the upstairs door but when i looked no-one was there…the frontdoor was locked up.


spooky (O_O)

well for the last week i have had a ghost friend popping into my flat at 12am bang on. some people might think i’m acting crazy but i’m telling the sodding truth. for a week now at 12am my son’s toys start to play songs or move, ive heard someone blow in my ear, ive also heard someone whistle also keep walking around my hall way so i keep the light on……i hope who ever it is gets bored soon and sods off.

woop ghost friend is back

just been told that we have a visitor aka my ghost friend…not good news because she only comes round if something bad is about to happen. there has been books flying across the room, mum heard someone knocking on the door at 12am and when she opened the door no-one was there (not first time), liam laughing at 2am in the morning.

i no some of you are going to think that I’m going crazy but every-time she contacts me its always because something bad is going to happen. I’m putting this in a blog because the more people know that she has contacted me sometimes the thing don’t happen. arrrr why do dead people like bugging me lol.


i had a crazy think about something today. just think this…when we die..we all find out that we was just dreaming about what is happening right now (O_O). i was thinking about this today but then i thought naaa because why do ghost’s haunt people.

i also had a right crazy dream last night that me and my friend Amanda was stuck on a broken bus and shes a big westlife fan and kept talking about them for 2hours until i woke up. lol i wonder if that means something hmmm yes don’t get on a bus with Amanda lol….

done 2hours of psychology studying tonight and now my head hurts :D. been learning about sleep and other crap about sleep.

huddersfield kirklees college ghost storys :|

Well I got asked tonight something what you sexy people out there and maybe the Huddersfield people might like to know about. My friends have gone back to Kirklees College to study and they are in Gblock. Now that block used to be the old Huddersfield hospital a long time ago and there are some ghost stories. Well my friend asked me tonight if I knew some of the story’s because when she was in college today she felt like someone or thing was watching her and she was with no-one at the time (I left college in 2006).

1) Well there’s a story that someone jumped out the top window and now they haunt upstairs.
2) Some woman fell down the stairs (one’s going to the cooking room Fblock).
3) a married dr was cheating on his wife with one of the nurse’s and she fell pregnant and the dr didn’t want nothing to do with her and she killed herself or got killed because there is a story about someone falling/pushed down the lift and I think it was the pregnant nurse (well thats the story).
4) Down in the sellers (where there are some classrooms) is where the hospital used to keep the dead bodies and everytime you go down there you go cold, there’s a funny smell and you feel like you’re not by yourself.
5) there’s a story about a army guy who walks around downstairs and hes holding a body part (think his arm).
6) two children play around Gblock and people have seen them.

I can remember me and my friend Kelly going to the sellers to wait for are next class and when we where waiting we heard a nasty groan and we both looked at each other and ran back upstairs. till this day i still don’t no what made that sound because we was the only ones down there. I can remember it sounded like a man’s voice.

waiting game

Something scary happened at 2:40am this morning. I was woken up by a big bang and first I thought it was Liam because he’s learned how to rock his cot so I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. Now this is the scary part Liam was ok and in deep sleep but my Toy Story Woody doll was on the floor and his hat was next to my Jessie doll. My dolls live on my speakers next to my TV and they both have stands. Woody sits on the left and Jessie sits on the right.

In the morning I told my mother what happened and I know for a fact who pushed my doll onto the floor. Now people are going think I’m crazy but I have an angel and every time something bad is going to happen to me or Liam my angel will move something of mine to tell me something bad is coming are way. Last week my TV remote went missing and it’s not in my room anymore so it won’t shock me if she’s moved it.

Arrr now I’ve just got to wait and see what is going to happen (hate the waiting game).