(O_O) money change

whoop got the week off but it looks like i might have to pop into work to get my pay slips and sort out my work hours (adding 30 mins). i got a letter today from kirklees to sort out my rent and tax but what kind of makes my mind go blank is my work money is going up next month but they need to no what i’m getting now and what is going into the bank (but its all going to change soon o,o). says in the paperwork that i have till the end of feb to sort it or my rent and tax will go up so i have to fill in the stuff BUT i be doing this again maybe in the next month (O_O).

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please sign the petition to keep the Huddersfield hospital open. so many life’s will be lost if they shut down HRI. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/118690


i mostly don’t do blogs like this but this petition means so much to me and to everyone in my home town..


lost my garden :(

wpid-img_20150113_101829.jpgright now i just feel crappy and pissed off. nearly a month ago housing went and put up a fence on my land blocking me from my garden. today i finely got hold of the main guy to be told that it is not my garden (but was told by upstairs it was) and its a community garden. i told him that i was told it was my land by upstairs but nope. the fence was put up because of children playing and kicking footballs into  there garden so they asked for a fence (O_O) but its post to be a community garden. i asked if i could have a fence and got told no because its a community garden???????.so i said but my neighbors have gardens? oh that’s because they have been living there for along time aka there old (O_O) so it won’t shock me if i come home from work one day to see my garden ripped up :(.

she told me this (O_O)

i wonder if my doctor can stop this health woman seeing me. today she told me some stuff what makes me think wow people wonder why children are so bloody rude. she told me when liam is having a paddy aka kicking off i should give him a little bit of attention and i just said o….k but i told her when liam is having a paddy i just blank him out until he clicks on that i’m not listening he stops playing up BUT she said i should not be doing that (O_O). she also said that if I’ve planed to do something like go to the park but hes being bad i still have to go the park and i just said OK but i do the samething my mum and dad did when i was a child if you are bad you get nothing and that means no trips (O_O).

police go sort it out >:(

since last nights blog i have found out that I’m not the only person who has had a prob like this. been told that its a drunk guy who goes to peoples house’s thinking its his. also been told that where is no point telling the police because they wont do nothing because i didn’t see the guy and he didn’t nick anything but I’m now scared to leave the house and i keep locking the doors and windows. been told that kirklees are changing peoples locks but they wont do ares because its not a kirklees house.


1) someone got robed on are street a month ago,

2)there has been a prob with people smashing car windows,

3) last week some crazy nut was walking around broadlands with a kitchen knave and i was told he was going crazy and police had nearly everyone up there to get him.

4) someone stole a lawn mower from the church on Mean Lane (that was today)

virgin media are a joke

3 vans up the road 27/12/12

3 vans up the road 27/12/12

virgin media are a bloody joke 😡 . on the 26th are internet and tivo went down at 11pm but next day we found out that half of meltham was out and we was also told there was 80 people without tv and internet. on the 28th are tv and internet was going off and by that time my dad was geting abit peed off because everytime the tv-internet went off are tivo box will not record anything and you can’t watch tv when its acting like a disco. dad rang them up and the guy down the phone kept saying that are internet-tivo was down in are house but dad told him that half of meltham has been down for 3days and the joke is not funny anymore but the guy down the phone kept saying that there is no prob in meltham and it was just are house (O_O). dad told the guy that we have photos of the vans and its not just are house but the guy kept saying it was us……so my dad booked someone to come round on the 31st to see what is wrong with are tivo and internet.

vans outside are house on the 27th

vans outside are house on the 27th

well my dad has been up since 7am because the guy said someone was going to be at are house around 8am-10am. it got to 10:10am and no-one had been round so he rang up virgin to find out where the hell the guy was and we found out that virgin canceled today because they worked it out it was there side not us but no-one had the balls to ring up my dad to tell him that it was there prob and there not going to bring no-one out, my dad won’t happy and wanted to talk to someone higher but the woman on the phone kept putting him on hold and after waiting 10mins came back and told my dad that the guy came to are house and we was not in (O_O). well my dad went nuts because first they said they canceled it and dad had been sat next to the window waiting and no-one has turned up so he then demanded to talk to someone higher then her so we waited 10mins again to talk to a woman called Naz (what we no is a fake name) and my dad told her that he wanted some money off his bill for not having internet and tivo for 3days and the woman said hang on we are going to send you to that department and dad was on the phone for 15mins and they cut him off (O_O)…. well i’m moving out next year hmmmm GET SKY.