December 1st

It’s that time of the year when everyone gets stressed over silly stuff and money is just like sand going down a big hole. The lights are up and also my electric bill lol.


..that dislike feeling…

walking home from work today and i thought i saw someone i once new but it won’t him. have you ever had that funny feeling when you see someone you dislike it makes you feel sick and light footed/headed… yer that’s how i went.

it’s crazy to think how last year was like and now i can’t even look at that person without that hurt feeling.

head hurts :(

downloadi know this going to sound crazy i can’t wait for the cold weather to hit the uk again.

for about 2 months now its been hot but what i don’t find fun is when one min the sun is out but next min its peeing it down but its still hot outside. my poor head feels like its slamming a wall and my eyes are killing me arrr and i’m full of cold.