(O_O) me and delivery

I have ordered Liam a new Xbox one game called Minecraft story mode for his late birthday present. I got a text at 11:50am saying that it had been posted into my letterbox but nothing was there. I text the delivery guy asking where it was. after a hour i found out he post it to the wrong house and now I have to wait and see if there gonna let me have it….

update 4:22pm – still no sign

2/1/17 – bril news a man came round to my house and gave me the lost parcel  🙂 . 

facebook have put me on lockdown

Nope this is not a joke.

I woke up this morning and logged in to see that fb have locked up my site saying i needed to show some id to show who i am. Well i ended up sending them a message asking them what the hell was going on and why they needed my id to see if i’m real.They said that some lovely person thought it be cool to report me for being under 13 (im 28) and that my name Kera Price is fake. So i have had to show fb my id and waiting for them to see that i’m real or has my site with so many photos has gone.

ive made a new one but only adding people i want on there for the time being and on top of that i feel like this is a blessing because I’ve been wanting to delete facebook for some time.

PS i have a funny feeling i know who has done this….thankyou because of you i have lost alot of photo’s and videos of my son 😦 .


my Saturday

i have to admit that i feel kind of good. i went to town with my family and got the big shopping done and went to cex (https://uk.webuy.com/) for some new dvds for me to watch at nights. the only stress chest pain i got today was when liam let go of my hand to run after a pigeon and he nearly ran into the bloody road.

we also took liam to see santa today. it always makes me laugh when we go see him because liam goes into shock and won’t talk. mum took the photos and one of the photos looks like i’m picking my nose but i had a itch on my face lol (good timing mom lol).

well it’s now 7pm and he’s gone to bed so that means horror film night…

health update

well after a hard long think and a chat with family… i’m gonna be taking a break from facebook and i’ve got to start thinking about who i call friends but don’t worry still be blogging .

on Tuesday night i had some drama again but this time it ended up with me in tears and I started to feel very low and at breaking point. i think people by now will click on that i have not been well and i’m kind of sick of telling people that i’m fine. my stress levels are high, i can’t sleep, tummy probs,low days, nightmares and on top of that my hair is falling out and going abit grey. it’s also not been the best year for me with the family dog passing, work, money, ex’s, friends aka drama. i badly need to sort out my head and fix up my health and on top of that Santa is coming and i want to be happy not feeling ill.

i’m gonna have a month off facebook  but could be longer if needed.

bad crappy day

its just been one big mess.

i have learned in my life to sometimes its best to just shut up and don’t tell people how you really feel but sadly sometimes keeping stuff in can make you ill so today i told someone what was on my mind and wow nearly everyone knows my business and i think i might of upset someone. next time i will just tell a wall how i’m feeling.

liam has had a bad day at school. he’s been bullying people and had a light switch moment when one min hes fine next mine he’s hurting people. when we was walking home from school a family was going crazy because there child had a black eye. i was dragging liam by the hand because i could only think has liam done that. soon as we got home i went into his room and took out his tv and told him he’s banned from playing any ps4 games till he can show me he can be good.

what a morning

my bloody alarm did not go off so when i looked at my clock i clicked on that i was 30mins late for work. i have never gotten dressed that fast before and i even put my underwear on wrong lol and didn’t have time to put socks on. soon as i got to work i signed in a 8am and stayed till 11am hmmm no lets change that i stayed till 11:25am (so done over time lol bad girl).

ive had some good news about my job. in july i was told that i might not be working for XXXXXX anymore and i could be going somewhere else but did not no where. today i found out who i’m gonna be working for and hopefully i will be still working in the same building i’m in now and best part is i’m getting the same money and i can finely change my hours.