keys work of art lol

don’t you just love it when people look into your home…yep thats what keeps happening to me. i no-test that some of my neighbors keep looking into my frontroom window.last week i saw someone hiding behind there own blinds when i saw them looking at my window. so  i thought stuff this i’m going to buy some window netting (black). they came today but something is wrong … 1) i ordered 2 netting and 2) its not the right size but because i’m keys i thought stuff it i will put them up side ways and no-one will no-test lol. anyway its up now and doing it job…. oh and i pinned it on (O_O) lol.

stress head

sorry i have not been writing anything in here for a long time. my life has been one crazy road right now and sadly i can’t say to much. i now have my son for 2weeks whoop school holidays and i think its also the time of the year when i find out what school liam will be going to in September.

i’m having fun with housing right now. i should of been having new heaters being fitted in next week but sadly nope got to wait two weeks. i was told that someone was going to be at my flat at 9:30am yesterday but i had to work so my mother came to my flat at 9:25am and stayed till 10:30am but no-one showed up. soon as i turn my phone on at 12:30pm i get a voice message saying he came round at 9:30am but no-one was in so i can’t have my heating done till 2weeks…i left a message back saying i was at work but i know that my mother was at mine at 9:25am to 10:30am. 13:38pm i heard the letterbox so i ran down the stairs to no-test a note has just been posted saying they just came round and i was not home…soon as i got outside there was no-one around… I WAS HOME ARRRR RING THE DOORBELL OR BANG ON MY DOOR. i was post to be having some guy come round on Tuesday to cut off the power to the old heating but i not know if he is still coming round now. oh and nope they have not phoned me back because its holidays i won’t find out till Tuesday about whats going on arrrrrrrrrrrrr.