busy start to the morning

17264634_10211424860073278_4467264113975579020_n.jpgwoke up at 7am and ran around the flat,

was out the flat by 8am and jumped onto the 8:04am bus,

we got into town by 8:30am and nothing was bloody open,

8:55am Liam got his new glasses,

9:10am jumped onto a bus (we had to run to get it),

9:50am home :D.


got to love kirklees housing

got a letter today saying if i didn’t ring them in 7days to let building sevices to look at my gas appliances they will be taking me to court to gain access. i could not help but bloody laugh at the letter. they where post to come round on 23rd feb but came around at 3pm but i had to go out around that time for doctors and they was post to come on the 27th but they didn’t even show up or post a note into my letterbox (O_O).
The woman down the phone said it says on the computers that i bloody work and that i have a son so the best times to get me are 10am to 2pm HMMM SO WHY TURN UP AT 3PM. sorted it out now that there coming to to my home on wednesday and they better sodding show up.
also been told that if i don’t let them in that there gonna cut off my gas but i have a young child and i thought they can only cut you off if your not paying (O_O).


was at home drinking my coffee and was about to watch some crappy morning tv when i got a phone call from my son’s school saying he has fallen over and opened up the side of his head. i went up to the school thinking it was only gonna be a little cut but nope IT WAS BIG and blood (as liam was saying real blood). so we went up to huddersfield royal infirmary and was stuck in there for 3hours. He has had the cut glued but like i said to him when the ladys ask you how you did it don’t tell them the truth that you fell over your own feet and landed onto a table then headbutted a wall lol.

got to have the night off work because i’m on the 24hour watch so i do hope the message got to the member of staff who i was post to be working with tonight.

threat from a woman in meltham

wtf just happened (O_O).

i was walking home from school with my son and a other girl from his school when a woman started to swear at me saying that i pushed her son into the road on Helme Lane. i have to admit that i was not looking in front of me when walking because the girl who was walking with us was talking but i did say sorry. well the woman didn’t take my sorry and started to swear in front of me, my son, the girl and her children. she started to say she was gonna smash my face in so i turned around and walked away but she was still swearing and saying to watch myself or i will get my face smashed in…. when we walked off the girl was abit worried and also liam but like i said them do not worry about it because if someone acts like that it just shows what kind of person she is….

but have to admit it did worry me when she said she was gonna smash my face in next to my son and other children.

someone tried to break in AGAIN

been trying to phone 101 non emergency  but nothing so i might be better going to Huddersfield police. at 5:45am this morning someone was messing with my front door. who ever it is stopped very fast hmmm they must of clicked on that there are 2 locks and I LIVE IN A UPSTAIRS FLAT you dumb pleb. this is NOT THE FIRST TIME and last month i had to change the sodding lock….. people of meltham try to keep safe and keep ya doors locked.

i’m thinking for getting a cam to put over my door outside but if housing say no i will just keep a camera on the stairs facing the door.

O_O new job maybe??????

i had a phone call today from work asking if i could come in for a meeting and i said ok i’m on my way. i never get phone calls for meetings so i started to wonder what have i done. well what is happening is in 3months time i could be working for a new company (for cleaning) but i don’t no who , where or if it will happen.

so right now its the waiting game but i’m thinking of taking the new company because i have worked this job for 10 years and it would be cool to be doing something different but won’t find out now until 3months time what is going on. also they did ask if i wanted to do a different job in the shop and i said i would love to work in the cafe but because of my learning disability i can’t work on the till. my only worry is i hope this job is in Huddersfield not somewhere dumb where i can’t travel. sadly i need to take the job because if i don’t i will have no job and no money for 6weeks :(.