whoop got a stalker

well i can now say that i have a stalker on wordpress.

the person is from the uk, looks at my site 7times a day on no blog days and on blog says 10 times ,they love to look for me on google. (O_O) best part is there only reading old posts from 2012-13-14 so it must be someone i no who is looking for something and YES I CAN SEE WHAT YOUR READING. before anyone asks its been going on for 3weeks.

i’m just going to be careful in what i put on this blog for abit until i can find out who this freak is….

what would you do if you had a stalker???

ps i have put my instagram on private because of this but my twitter is still on pubic for now.

hello friends

11055488_706736709448552_269216870_nsorry that i have not done a blog. there has been so much on my mind but sadly i can’t say what in a blog. i have also no-test that i have had alot of traffic from the uk (views) and i have a crazy feeling its just people looking to see if i have put something about them on my site. yes i write alot about my life on this site (nearly everything) but i never say stuff that could mess up me and my family’s life or say peoples names without asking or being my buddys.

only thing i can say thankyou god for my life story book lol.

don’t get me wrong but the uk is the 2nd most views i got last year (2015 USA 1st , Brazil 3rd) but i no something is not right when i’m getting over 5-6 views a day from the uk when its mostly 1-2 on no blog days (on blog day theirs more).  on 20/1/16 i got 33 views on a none blog day (O_O) ehhhhhhhhhh ON A WEDNESDAY. 

update : also to my stalker my stats tell me what you are reading and how you are looking for me (google and twitter).https://www.instagram.com/p/BBGYcAOh3FY/?taken-by=keysprice1988