bring on 2017

i can’t wait to start a new year and put everything what happened in the bin.

2016 has kind of been crap for me…if someone said hey this year your job will change, family dog will be put to sleep, find out ya ex was cheating on ya, son needs more help (life skills/probs) ,money probs (thankyou kirklees), some crazy person will go round blacking your name, date someone and they dump you for money/work, you will end a 20 year friendship…..

lets hope next year will be a hell of alot better.

bring it on lol

well today was my last day working for that company for 10 years as a cleaner. i didn’t get any flowers like most people get or even a card saying good luck.

i start the new job on Monday early morning what is gonna be a killer and i’m still gonna be working in the same building as my old job but under a cleaning company. still don’t no how to clock in so been told to just write the time i came in and i still don’t have the new gear (post to get it on the day hmmm odd).

odd thing happen to me tonight

I’ve been a cleaner for 10 years and tonight a member of staff comes into the lady’s loos and asked me why have i put a sign on the door saying..Cleaning In Progress Please Use The Disabled Toilets..and i said its because i’m doing a full clean shut down but she still kept asking me why until i said i’m gonna mop the man and woman loo floors soon and she said ok. my face looked like this >>> (O_O) because i’ve done the same thing for 10 years doing the shut down.

this is the last weekend for working for this company.

what a morning

my bloody alarm did not go off so when i looked at my clock i clicked on that i was 30mins late for work. i have never gotten dressed that fast before and i even put my underwear on wrong lol and didn’t have time to put socks on. soon as i got to work i signed in a 8am and stayed till 11am hmmm no lets change that i stayed till 11:25am (so done over time lol bad girl).

ive had some good news about my job. in july i was told that i might not be working for XXXXXX anymore and i could be going somewhere else but did not no where. today i found out who i’m gonna be working for and hopefully i will be still working in the same building i’m in now and best part is i’m getting the same money and i can finely change my hours.