bad day at school

when you think he’s getting better liam has a light switch moment at school. went to pick him up and his helper looked not happy. been told liam had to be taken out of the class this afternoon because he turned. he bit two boys, hurt other children and even went to the headteachers office. in the morning he was fine and happy but as it hit afternoon boom. it’s been reported but what has peed me off it that if he is doing this and being dangerous  why did they not ring me to pick him up because he is not safe.

Hes been sent to his room. told him he’s not aloud no star wars ,minecraft and cartoons but he just looks at me like he does not give a crap.

so now i’m waiting for the mums to kick off with me…..

good news

Got liam’s school report today and everything is bril 🙂 .

His attendance is 97% but that’s because of sick days and hospital days.

lol i can always remember being under 11 maybe 12 years old and my  mother was looking at my bro, sister and my attendance paperwork. lmao i had 2oo and something days off and the other two had bril attendance. The reason i had so many days off was because i got badly bullied by the children and teachers ( could not read or write) so i would make myself sick and stay at home and back when i was young school did not care if you was not in and specially a child who could not read and write . Soon as i went to lydgate special school my attendance was bril (loved it there).

it was liam’s school meeting today

last time i went to one they showed me a file full of stuff liam had done wrong but this time it was all good 🙂 (some bumps in the road). we still have to work on some stuff and the journey is not over yet but its nice to see what he has improved on.

its crazy to think how much liam has changed in the last 3months.

liam news and stuff

whoop good news…i’m back to being me again and no-more running to the loo every 5mins. i was like a zombie yesterday but waking up at 2am and not sleeping till 10pm will make anyone look like a zombie. also yesterday even if i was sick i had to go to a meeting at liam’s school and before anyone at work reads this and thinks hang on….i have been waiting 3years to get to this point for liam and i could not just ring up and not go. i was sat in a meeting with belly pain and feeling hot as pie oh and i felt like a zombie oh and i could not fart because i was worried lmao..

the meeting was about how liam is and how he is in school. i have to say seeing a book full of stuff liam has done to children is not nice but even the teacher said the hurting has gone down to 2times a week but at one point it was everyday. there trying to get him some more one2one and there going to try and get him to join with the children. got alot of stuff coming up for him so more fun and games.