Tuesday feelings

sorry for not blogging since friday. sometimes i just don’t think people want to know whats going on in my crazy mind. one min i feel happy as pie but soon as i sit down and i’m alone my head starts to think and i feel lonely as pie.

i’ve also notice since i’ve been keeping to myself the people i don’t mostly talk to are being friendly but the people who say there my friends have not said a thing and have not even asked me if i’m ok and also last week when i told someone about not feeling to good he only said alright (O_O). i’ve made up my mind that soon as 2017 hits alot of people are going and i’m gonna try and make new friends (but don’t no how lol).

keys advise…

i had something odd happen to me this weekend. i was sat at work having my 15min chill time when i got a text (fb message) . i’m not gonna say names because i’m not that stupid but i will say that I’M NOT DUMB.

i kind of know you do read my blogs so i’m gonna give you some keys advise…

  1. It’s your life and sadly in life you have to make your own decisions not let everyone else make them.
  2. Sometimes you can make bad/good decisions but you don’t no if you don’t try it .
  3. no one on this planet can work 24/7 and even people need to rest (try not to kill yourself again).
  4. life is hard because you make it hard.
  5. listen to your brain not your heart.