i’m sick :(

been up all night being ill. yep i have got the sickness bug off my son and i feel like death. it started at 10pm Wednesday and now its 7:15am and i’m in pain. i was planning to go to work like this but by 6am i had to ring up and say sorry but i have got the sickness bug (work won’t happy with me).

morning people

guest who i have at home today….

i had a phone call yesterday from school saying that liam has the poops and that i needed to pick him up. i was also told to keep him off for 24hours so that the bug can go. so today i have liam at home and best part is there is nothing wrong with him now. also my mother rang me up today saying that the school rang up asking where liam was after they told me to keep him home lol (don’t ask why they didn’t ring me first).

? eh why liam?????

ever felt like screaming well i just had that feeling.

my son has not used a potty for maybe 5months but for some crazy reason today liam didn’t want to use the loo he wanted the potty. i told him no because i do not have it anymore. well he kicked off saying he wanted it. i took him to the loo but nope he would not pee in the loo. after 5mins of him kicking off he peed all over my floor. i won’t happy so i sent him to his room and told him no cartoons now till tomorrow.

wtf was that all about (O_O).