yorkshire snow




was at home drinking my coffee and was about to watch some crappy morning tv when i got a phone call from my son’s school saying he has fallen over and opened up the side of his head. i went up to the school thinking it was only gonna be a little cut but nope IT WAS BIG and blood (as liam was saying real blood). so we went up to huddersfield royal infirmary and was stuck in there for 3hours. He has had the cut glued but like i said to him when the ladys ask you how you did it don’t tell them the truth that you fell over your own feet and landed onto a table then headbutted a wall lol.

got to have the night off work because i’m on the 24hour watch so i do hope the message got to the member of staff who i was post to be working with tonight.

keys advise…

i had something odd happen to me this weekend. i was sat at work having my 15min chill time when i got a text (fb message) . i’m not gonna say names because i’m not that stupid but i will say that I’M NOT DUMB.

i kind of know you do read my blogs so i’m gonna give you some keys advise…

  1. It’s your life and sadly in life you have to make your own decisions not let everyone else make them.
  2. Sometimes you can make bad/good decisions but you don’t no if you don’t try it .
  3. no one on this planet can work 24/7 and even people need to rest (try not to kill yourself again).
  4. life is hard because you make it hard.
  5. listen to your brain not your heart.

phone down the chair lol wtf

I lost my dvd remote for a month now so thought it was about time i try and find it. That meant i had to put my hand down the chairs. anyone with children will stick up with me when i say this but its not nice putting your hand down the chair because you never no what they have put down there lol. After putting my hand down the chair i felt something and i thought yay i found it. I pulled it out and nope not the remote but a phone.


First thing i did was send a message on facebook to my boyfriend (yes i’m seeing someone) and ask him if he has lost his phone but nope its not his. So i had to post a photo and ask my family if it was any of there’s but nope. only person it can be is its my ex so its been binned lol. If anyone wants to know it was broken i tried to put power into it and it came up as a sad face of death.


first thing i have to say is thankyou for the 56 sexy people who have looked at my blog today. wow i didn’t think that was what i was going to see this this morning. i love you so much and big hugs. after the morning i have had this has put a smile back onto my face xxxxxxx. https://www.instagram.com/p/-L2KGaB3K4/?taken-by=keysprice1988

i better say sorry for not blogging for a week about my fun life. liam is doing ok but did have a flop this morning when we was 5mins late to school. he kept giving me crap saying he was sick, his head is going to fall off and can’t forget his legs are going to fall off to, he forgot his glasses so had to run home to get them, he kept having paddys all the way there what was driving me up the wall and when we got to the school his helper was waiting and i had to tell her liam was in a mood and he kicked a child who was saying hello to him but the child was cool. they told me if he gets that bad they will ring me.

went to work to do some shopping to find out that i might be working boxing day and like i said I BETTER NOT BE. it won’t be long until they have shops open on xmas day.