Meet peggy 


hi :D

sorry for not blogging a lot. like I said in my last post something big has happened and sadly I have now been told if it goes to court its her word not mine so I have to admit that has peed me off but good news I have got some money out of one prob but sadly I’m not aloud to say nothing. don’t worry i’m not going to court lol but a lot has happened.

anyway lets change the chat to some happy news. it was parents meeting tonight and I thought noooooooooooooo. Liam is bril in maths and good at English . school are on about getting a behavioural psychologist for Liam but he’s not as bad as he was (just have to see).


hello blog people.

whoop i now have my new laptop and its so sexy and it don’t smell like smoke when i’m using it lol. There has not been anything fun happening to me or liam. Life has been very quiet for once and i have to admit its lovely. I’ve been keeping my mind busy with work and online games also liam lol.

sorry for not blogging alot but there is just not alot going on right now…. 😀