tax fun

I was gonna write about this yesterday but after what happened on Monday I thought naa I write about it the next day.

my mum spent 2hours yesterday on the phone because housing have now put up my rent to £65 a week ( was £40) because they are saying that I’m working over 16hours.  SOOOOOOO I had to ring up the tax office and then I  found out that my tax code was wrong and that it says that I’m working two jobs and making £800 a month at each jobs. wtf I only have one job and I only do 16hours a week and very lucky if I make £500 a month. they have sorted out the prob and I will be getting money back (because I have been getting taxed).

what a joke >:(

never ever join npower….. was on the phone with them for nearly a hour because this is the 2nd time they have not taken out my 3 month bill (paying two months this time). they said that my direct debit had stopped because i’m changing to a new energy Company (monthly pay what i wanted). but like i said to the woman but i don’t bloody have a direct debit with you I’M ON CREDIT and the only reason you have not taken out the money is because i’m sick of your crap and leaving ….just take out the money or i will have to get a solicitor involved because this is a sodding joke…after waiting on hold for 15mins they soon took out the credit…
NEVER EVER join Npower…they mess with your 3monthly bills , will send you letters saying you owe them money WHEN YOUR IN BLOODY CREDIT 😡 , wait in all day for them to come round but don’t show up. 3 years of this crap.

fireworks and funfair last night

took liam to see some fireworks and also to have fun at the funfair last night. gates opened at 6pm and because we was near the front he got on the rides first but first ride didn’t go as it planed. some prat was behind the fence thinking it would be funny to set fireworks off aka rockets and point them at the funfair. 2 rockets nearly hit the ride liam and the children where on and some of the parents took there children off the ride after it happened (didn’t happen again). after that ride liam wanted to ride on a train but sadly that didn’t happen because it broke down and some mums and dads were peed off because it cost them £2 (they didn’t get there money back). took liam onto a bouncy castle slide and i found the male staff member rude. then liam’s time was up he got hold of liam’s arm and said NO when he was about to go back onto the side (£2 for him to side down 4 times). hmmm i think a family was also having ago at the slide guy but i do not no what about. on a different ride one of the staff wanted me to pay £4 and i didn’t understand why but i gave her £2 and she didn’t look to happy about it (it was a £2 ride). the fireworks where ok but not what i thought they would be but liam enjoyed them.

was £3 to get in and liam got in free because the staff thought he was under 3 after i said one adult and one 4 year old. hmmm liam had lots of fun but i do not think i will take him again.

photos and film of last night are on my instagram and i also got the sound of the firework going near the ride

what a day

i can now remember why i hate taking liam shopping around town. i spent nearly 3hours listening to a child screaming and yelling every 5mins but i didn’t feel alone because most mothers around huddersfield had the same probs. i spent near £100 on bills, gear for liam and dvds and the new Dan and Phil book.

it also must be walk into my ex boyfriend month. i walked into a ex at the bus station and the best part was he was all over his new lass smiling at me at the same time (O_O). i just wanted to laugh and say to the lass be careful hes abit crazy. i dumped that prat because he got jealous that my sim was dating a male sim (O_O).

British gas morning fun

well i had a shock this morning when i got a letter from British Gas saying that i’m overdue by £75 but best part is i pay my bills online and online it says i’m £111 in cred. i rang them up saying i’m not paying the £75 because i’m in credit. the woman down the phone went to see what was going on…she came back saying the reason its saying that is because i pay £10 a week not £20 a fortnight…..WHATS THE SODDING DIFFERENCE (o_o).

at the end of the day they should of NOT sent out that letter and i feel like they are trying to scam people out of money….i’m lucky to pay my bills online because if i didn’t i would of payed them.