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have you ever had one of them days you just say sod it i want to go outside..yep that me and liam today. we went on a 4hour walk lol.

I’m doing a project with liam about where the water starts from the moors and how it ends up in the reservoir.

4hours of walking…

YO sexy people

13102743_10208443437299572_5081398906321175052_n (1)sorry for not blogging alot about my fun life.

there has not been alot of fun stuff going on at this moment of time and it also don’t help i have a stalker who looks at my blog 24/7 to see if i have put something about them on my site (O_O) hmm well i do have something to say I’M LOVING LIFE.

PS…we have snow in the uk and yes its APRIL. i might take liam for a walk onto the moors to see the snow better :D.

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keep a eye out meltham

this is going to the people of meltham (my homies). there has been alot of burglaries going on. people have had there house’s robbed and cars-bikes and vans keep a good eye open and if anything looks odd at night ring up the police. don’t forget to lock up your house’s. it been going on since December 2015 so i do hope they find the sod’s who are doing this.

i do not understand why people act like this.

fox hunting in uk

550343302_oi found out today that there thinking of unbaning foxhunting and people are going crazy about it.

last year me and my fella was having a lovely walk on the Yorkshire moors (live next to them) and i heard guns. i looked around and i saw no-one but then i started to hear a horn and dogs. i said to my fella whats going on over there and he says oh there foxhunting. i remember saying hang on i thought that was banned but like my fella said yep but they still do it on the moors.