first school play

ok what i learned yesterday is when Jesus was born people danced the Loco-motion and Birdie Song also there was a ninja turtle. liam was playing the part as a star and after his part he fell asleep on his helper because of the soft music lol.

he got to meet Santa again at school :).

nextdoor music at 11pm and its still going >:(

i feel like writing a blog right now because i feel so pissed off. its 12am and i have to be up at 5am but i’m still up all because my sodding nextdoor think its ok to play there music to the top at 11pm and still playing. i know they don’t sodding like me but this is stupid. by 11:35pm i ended up shouting at my bedroom wall TURN THAT F~~KING MUSIC OFF I GOT TO BE UP FOR WORK AT 5:00AM. they did turn it down for 10mins but soon put it up again.

00:07 they have turned it down but can still sodding hear it >:(. so happy liam is at his nans tonight or the police would be banging on there door.

UPDATE : whooop got to sleep thanks to my headphones….they was still playing music at 12:15am…..