cool weekend

20376201_10212879729164096_5095591809398708270_nmonday is here and i have that feeling when i’m very sleepy and i just want my bed but it is also the school holiday so have liam to entertain. this weekend what has gone was bril. i took liam to his first comic con and he loved it. i spent £300 but i got so much art work and i’m very happy about.

i have next weekend off and i do not know what i am gonna be doing yet. i booked the weekend off because my birthday is on the 15th and i kind of just wanted a party with just liam or we might go out or just play on the xbox with him.

update for the site

because i have stopped getting the horror block i thought of something cool to do. i don’t think alot of people will no this but i collect pop vinyl’s .So starting today once a month i’ve going to show a bril pop that i have. i’ve been wanting to do this for along time but been holding the idea back for some dumb reason.

UPDATE – i’m getting the sci-fi block but don’t no when….