the NHS is a bloody joke

i have been feeling low for about 3weeks and today i thought ok i’m gonna go see a doctor and see if they can help me out. i went in to book and nope no-one can see me. when i was walking out the building someone asked me if i was ok and sadly i had to hold my tears and say i’m fine.

i can’t say what is going on in my life right now but i feel like i’m gonna go bang.

hi :D

took liam to have his feet looked at even if it was a waste of time because his feet are still the same size. only good thing what came out of it is that the doctor is gonna write a letter go see if liam can get a autism test done. I told her good luck with it because I have been fighting since he was 2 for one.


was at home drinking my coffee and was about to watch some crappy morning tv when i got a phone call from my son’s school saying he has fallen over and opened up the side of his head. i went up to the school thinking it was only gonna be a little cut but nope IT WAS BIG and blood (as liam was saying real blood). so we went up to huddersfield royal infirmary and was stuck in there for 3hours. He has had the cut glued but like i said to him when the ladys ask you how you did it don’t tell them the truth that you fell over your own feet and landed onto a table then headbutted a wall lol.

got to have the night off work because i’m on the 24hour watch so i do hope the message got to the member of staff who i was post to be working with tonight.

omg what a night

at 10pm i got a phone call from my dad saying that liam had one of his heat fits. i got myself sorted and walked to there house. liam was so hot so i had to pick him up and take him downstairs and sit outside the house with him to chill down. he was talking but very sleepy. by 1am me and mom where watching some police show and liam sits up fast looks at us and says i’m hungry. me and mom just looked at him in shock because one min he was out and next min he jumps up and says he’s hungry.

before anyone saying this NO he didn’t go to the hospital but that is because

  1. his fit only lasted 1min but if it lasted longer he would of had to go.
  2.  after his last one i was shown what to do if he has one.
  3. Halifax is nearly a hour away and if we had to go to the hospital we be stuck there for 4hours and i new he be better because he always comes round but if he had a 2nd one we would of had to go.
  4. had to ring work up at 4am because i have been up all night with him, got doctors and liam now just wants me also he has to be home for 24hour until he can go back to school.

busy day and rude drivers

been a busy morning for me and liam. we had to go all the way to Halifax  Rainbow Child Development at the hospital. meaning we had to get the bus at 8:30am and we got there at 9:45am. everything went ok and the doctor wants to see us in 6months. we are wanting liam’s feet to be looked at again because even school have no-test he walks funny so i’m going to keep my eyes open to see if we are going to get help with that.

on the way home i thought it would be better getting the bus back to Huddersfield. the bus stopped for us and liam got on when some guy was getting off. i showed my DAY RIDERS to the driver who said in a mood he could not see them so i showed them again…he then started to have ago at me because liam ran onto the bus and that we should let people off the bus before we get on (there was only one person getting off and there was room to get off and i did show my ticket when he was off). he gave me a nasty look at me and i went to my seat. next time i will get the sodding train home from the hospital. i have a funny feeling that guy thought i was a teen or a young mum (im 27) because sadly i do get talked like that when people think that but there was no reason for rudeness.

we got home at 1:10pm.

not a good start

liam got into a fight yesterday at school but it sounds like liam started it. liam had this child pinned to the floor and ripping at his face….liam is 4years old and the other child was older. school said they do not know what happened but something must of upset liam to do that. got to go to a meeting on the 3rd December about his anger and also having a meeting next Tuesday about how he’s doing in class.

i rang up the department of paediatrics to ask when will there be a meeting about liam because i was told i should be having one next month. found out that school have not told them what has been going on with liam so right now i’m pissed off. they told me that they will ring me back so its now nearly 12pm and still no call. my mother has done a email to the portage team because everytime i ring up liams helper is ill or not in but after reading there web page i don’t think i have her anymore. my mother asked them to ring me up and like i said its nearly 12pm and nothing……i feel like no-one cares.

updated 12:55pm 3/11/15 – rang up department of paediatrics and was told they can’t do nothing till next week because someone on holiday. 12pm 4/11/15 – got a call saying they can see me the end of this month but they can’t give me a date.

UPDATED 17:25pm 3/11/15 – well i just had a shock. i just had a chat with my buddy who also had help from porteage and i told her i’m still waiting for the paperwork what should of been sorted months ago. just found out from her that they stop helping your child when they go into fulltime school (i was told different) and i should of had the paperwork in September.  NOT A HAPPY BUNNY.